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Saturday, September 27, 2008

9.27.08 - 27/365

venus of willendorf
i was in the farm market this morning
and there was an abundance of cojoined vegetables
some squash,
(which i didn't buy)
and many, many potatoes

this is the first that i saw
and i immediately thought:
venus of willendorf
(and now i find there's a flickr pepper venus as well)

anyone else remember the nixon eggplant?

back at the ranch
i am not only cleaning up my physical space
i am trying to take care of the virtual as well
archiving, backing up, organizing
so i come across a lot of stuff
i haven't seen in a while
like these 2 images
which i had singled out but never posted
both in bathrooms
the one on the left was from 2006
it was my birthday and i was celebrating with a brunch
because back at the loft
was the first open house to sell it!!!
the one on the right was from a month before:
(not so) fresh off the plane for a christmas in LA

me twice
another sidebar:
note the camera change
my trusty powershot s60 died at the end of that trip
by the time i got back to ny
my refurbished s70 was on its way to me

1 comment:

g_z said...


seen your oeuvre...
the instrument itself
does not really matter
which cam will you next?