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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

to be continued

in the studioi am not altogether sure what will happen with this blog
but for now i am continuing daily posts on "from the studio"
which resides on the home page of my site.
this is in preparation for a completely new project,
coming soon.

i am also posting again on random thoughts


below are 2 slide shows of my past 365 days on flickr where this project originated.
the first is all the self portraits: 365 days of me
below that are what i call the "interface" images;
because of various structural/conceptual/visual concerns,
each day in addition to a self portrait,
i posted an image to act as buffer.

Monday, August 31, 2009

8.31.09 - 365/365

in the studio all of a sudden, it came into my head to do a nude for my last 365.
it is one of my studio rules:
"if you think of it, you do it"
(which is exactly how i got into this mess in the first place)
i only have 2 (rules), the other is:
"don't judge the process while you are in it"

since one of the reasons for doing this project
was to confront what it means to become a "woman of a certain age",
this feels appropriate and perhaps even necessary.

as the 365th day got closer,
it became increasingly clear how meaningful this project has been for me
and why it will be so hard to replace...

as many people reading this blog know
(are there many people reading this blog?)
daily practice is the cornerstone of my creative life

at this moment
i am feeling a tremendous pull
a real sense of something ending
something that is valuable to me
that i don't want to lose

i have been trying to identify exactly what that is,
what sets fastforward30years apart from my other daily work;
one factor is the (almost) daily writing (introspection),
but i have always had an outlet for that with my fotolae.
another aspect is that i have been able to incorporate monthly mini-projects
within the context of this larger one
(my favorites being march's diptychs and may's studio drawings)
but i believe
the true significance of this project
lies in using the self as subject matter.

no matter the medium,
i subscribe to the theory
that to produce something of value
requires a deep caring
and a deep connection,
and there are very few things in a person's life
that hold a greater or more meaningful position than the self,
that is why it is said;
all first novels are autobiographical
you can't love/trust/care about others
more than you have the capacity for those feelings about yourself

while taking a picture a day is a good exercise
taking a self portrait a day
forces you to continually engage with loaded subject matter.
if you compromise, you compromise yourself
if you take a short cut, you cheat yourself
and you are doing it publicly

i also believe that parameters are good for creativity
and the limits of "self portrait" have some inherent advantages:
for one thing
your subject matter is always available,
where ever you happen to be,
is that boredom can be a great motivator for taking risks;
& believe you me, nothing becomes boring more quickly than you
hence a great impetus for pushing boundaries.
you can apply just about any approach to the subject:
you can be yourself or you can be other,
you can be deeply personal or coldly objective,
you can create fantasy or describe reality,
you can take a strictly conceptual approach or flow with your emotions...

kind of perfect,
kind of hard to replace,
i have toyed with the idea of keeping it going for another year
and if my medium was solely photography, i might
but i feel i need to take what i've learned and move forward,
tomorrow i will post the next step in this journey

thanks for tuning in
and special thanks to fernando and l3iLL
who have been so generous with their comments and support.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

8.30.09 - 364/365

in the studio

something came together today,
not only was i able to come to some decisions about how to proceed
but i also had a real feeling sense that i am doing the right thing
for my process
and i really felt that the paint was waiting for me
not neglected or stagnate
but just there with me
bubbling below the surface

in the 'hood

a little fantasy

Saturday, August 29, 2009

8.29.09 - 363/365

in the studiotoday it took me 2 hours to remember that i had switched my hosting account to a linux server
since that's the only way godaddy will parse ssi's
and that because linux is case sensitive
was the reason why certain pages weren't resolving


not so interesting i know
but this is where i am at;
a bit sad but true
from this perspective
this is what i see
which is also a tad sad
because while i am a beneficiary of the industriousness of spiders
too much of a cobweb build up in the studio
tells a story of neglect

in the studio

Friday, August 28, 2009

8.28.09 - 362/365

in the studiostruggling,
with upgrading my site
for starters,
it's not going to be as easy to convert all those (100's of) pages as i thought
but it's more than that really
it's that it involves an analysis of my entire process
which is a big and complicated endeavor
but that is what i see as the site's function
and then
the design aspect consumes me
(the same way people get sucked into video games or tv)
and i can't do anything else at the same time
this means paint, eat, sleep, community work
so the rest of my life is crumbling around me
it's very unbalanced...
but it does follow
that with all this self referential activity:
reviewing old projects,
trying to map & make sense of
the twists and turns of my process
that it's all about me today
and because i've been leaving taking these pictures until the end of the day
it's all about the lx3 in low light
it's one of the main reasons i chose this camera
and yet
i haven't been taking advantage it
i do love what it does

in the studio

Thursday, August 27, 2009

8.27.09 - 361/365

in the studioi am so consumed by design/programming right now
that i fear the end of this project is getting short changed
but i suppose.
that's (real) life

a sign of things to come
from a series i took but never posted
and that's were i am living right now
between what has happened
and what will come

in the studio

(and remember... you can be part of it too)