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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9.10.08 - 10/365

with oski and random thoughts
oski is not really my studio cat
but he has been spending a great deal of time with me here
today i think he was drawn to the deafening chatter of birds in the garden
i am not quite sure what they had found to eat
but judging from the volume & the duration of the din
it must have been a lot
and it must have been good

one month ago in the same place by enidcrow


FL said...

bom dia querida
it is so good to be able to be with you here along this journey.
(it won´t be possible the next 3 days tho)
nina on high heels looks great but my darlig gata @ work in the studio...
that´s the one!


maximorgana said...

.......as gato said thanks for let us sharing you.........and you look really gorgeous in the photograph in the link..........