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Sunday, September 14, 2008

9.14.08 - 14/365

lying down
questioning everything again
nothing feels right

(sometimes i feel photo booth is a bit of a cop out)


FL said...

there´ll be something totally strange there
the day we quit questioning...
it won´t be fun

SeLFs said...

a coP ouT=4 suRe
buT iT leaVes tiMe foR otheR moRe/oTher cReaTiVe thinGs..
ThiS prOjecT caN jusT bE tHe PRiMinG oF tHe PumP..
((LeT steVe joBs be oF helP wheN yoU caN..))
HoW i LoVe mY MAC...
LeT mE counT thE waYs.....