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Sunday, September 21, 2008

9.21.08 - 21/365

throwing out,
involves going through
and in doing so
i came across some loose self portraits
from the first time around with all this

that image in the center
in many ways
defined my life senior year
it appeared in different collages
usually hand colored

the image on the right was very typical of how i shot then
usually not looking through the view finder
often low light
rarely with a tripod

the aesthetic around town was hard core street photography
friedlander, winogrand, papageorge, etc.
emotive, experiential work was not quite accepted
it was a tough year.


g_z said...

you have always had your style
and those with style do not bend to trend

even much before this here
when navelville became a common joke

i was surprised to see how, even people who did not ever photographed before, like my mum, began doing so as well
(see anima image today)

bom dia gata

SeLFs said...