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Friday, September 26, 2008

9.26.08 - 26/365

in the studio

there are times
in the studio
i just need to be on the floor
sometimes i sit
but often
i just need to lie down

in the loft
the floor was wood
it's concrete
and it's very, very hard

but the differences between "here" & "there"
are much bigger than the floor
and every day i am working to define them
working with opening up my possibilities
opening up space for new things to happen

and that knife...
it was just there

putting things away,
where they belong....
not my forte


OBdaDA said...

YoU reaLLy LooK "At PeaCe" iN thiS PHoTo..
"""ThiNgS""" iN the boX LooK Soooooo VerrrrY inteRESTinG..
i knoW yoU aRe LooKinG aT thoSe wonderfuL SkylighTs...

g_z said...

the differences are huge!
to think you could shape this one up the way you wanted,
the way you need it

tho it won´t feel the same
until george is there


forte gata