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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10.8.08 - 38/365

in the studio

look ma, no lines, :D
(well hardly any)

i was about to lose the mouth completely
so i just stopped
this is hard for me
but maybe not as hard as ending up with nothing

and the whole time
smudge is sitting on the steps
with the whole of her round little body
poised to get a bird

and she really looked like a pear


jacob said...

Magnífica composición!

Anonymous said...

i thinK YoU'Ve saiD thaT yoU feeL a LacK oF "reaListiC" RenderabiLiTy iN yoUr waTRCLrS..
i knOW
a naiVeté/innoceNce iN tHe expreSSioN oN youR FaCe..
WhicH iS NiCe tOO..

g_z said...

say, you ended up with everything

none, up to what i saw here now, had yet captured your essence as this here, beautifully, economically

funny it is, to read your statement
better loose the mouth than the whole head


and smudgie baby pear girl rules!