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Saturday, October 4, 2008

10.4.08 - 34/365

upside inside
i try to listen to advice
i try to taken in what is given

this often means stepping outside my comfort zone;
and so
i tried to paint differently
because that is the only way to learn
and so
even though i couldn't have felt less like making a post
much less drawing a self portrait
i was given the opportunity to remember
that it is about making a poem...

and i remembered other things today;
like how grateful i am
(which turned that "feeling sorry for myself" tide)
and i remembered how powerful it can be to write
each day
5 things you are grateful for
and how that can change your life
and how
that can be a gift
how it doesn't have to be a chore;
how i don't have to do it with my left hand
just to get a little extra mileage out of it


SeLFs said...

BLeSS YoU, NiNa!!!!
i counT yoU aS mY BiggesT/greaTesT) ThinG tO Be ThanKfuL foR aT thiS junctuRe oF mY LiFe..
" ...30 forWarD FasT YeaRs..."
reaLLy inspiRe(s) Me...
(((Don'T leT mE aNd mY "sELFs" scaRe yoU==
I'M jusT a 1 diMENsioNaL MaN..
NoT A MuLtifaCeTeD CreaTiVe MaChiNe, liKe yoURseLF aRe (?)
aNywaY===== i LoVe U

g_z said...

dare step out the comfort zone
and am here with you
count the blessings
and i am in
but there will be setbacks

(yesterday spent time drawing
actually more like trying to finnish old left out pieces so i can go new one day
it felt rather frustrating
but we go on, the daily thing
it is an exercise
does it)

you can borrow my left hand when needed even!
...pears are not viols...
nor are we perfect