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Friday, October 17, 2008

10.16.08 - 46/365

brown eyes bluemy eyes are not blue

a little bit about concept today

as long as i was on this track
this could have been:
"don't it make my brown eyes blue"

or how about...

abstracted iabstracted i

or even...

an eye for an eye

an eye for an eye

ça suffit!


g_z said...


has the playfulness of your not so conceptual work
which is filled up with great, felt, concepts

sweet me-nina eyes

Anonymous said...

"an EyE fOR AN eYe"
aye aYe, CaPiTaiN
thaT's mY FavoriTe......
(oR turN tHe oTheR CheeK)
iT's aLL GooD