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Sunday, October 12, 2008

10.11.08 - 41/365

go obama
i know...
it's silly
(but we love silly)
it's corny
(cheese | peace)
and it's contrived
(in order to get it right i had to paint solely from a flipped photo)
but moveon.org wanted a snap of everyone in their tee
(get yours)

back at the ranch
important things are happening
we are jump started
in a big synchronized swim
and i couln't be more psyched

full story on neenna | in response

1 comment:

g_z said...

in order to get it righ...
when things feel right
just do it!

believers we are
having come out of the deepest and densest inner crisis
on a world now sunk in...
(dare i say that?)
we keep on keeping up
not unaware
but taking care of what really matters
i think

just thought of this image to be seen in the future!
hey, i keep wearing my buttons
so i feel engaged

as well here
we have had a huge change
by choosing a real good candidate
for major of rio
(fernando gabeira)has beem since the 70's a green party activist plus very open minded concerning addressing other relevant issues
still to go to second round tho