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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

10.7.08 - 37/365

not remotely like memornings can be rough

in actuality,
these journals are my version of the morning pages
which i did basically complete
(with the exception of all those artist "dates")
and then decided if i could spend an hour writing every day
i could certainly paint every day

but i do still write
and sometimes i jot down notes while i work

this morning i was thinking about how i started this project partially to get me back in the studio early, first thing in the morning
so that i could give the right time to my work
instead of cramming it in at the end of the day
when i am exhausted
but it is kind of tough to roll out of bed
and stare at yourself in the mirror for an hour
i don't know about you
but morning is not my moment.

and then i thought about the fact that it is hard enough to showcase one's lack of skill
but it's another to make yourself look like a freak a the same time

oh well
i KNEW this wasn't going to be easy

so here's what i was working from
because none of my drawings look even remotely like me
here's my little distraction

yes, i should go back to drawing them

1 comment:

g_z said...

but painting is writing!
in soul language

just came to me
gata self

i do avoid looking at me in the mirror, what to say about stare?!
but to me made look freaky, that suits me!
mornings are meant to be slow and silent... we do not want it the easy way, do we?
and yes,your drawings do resemble you, yes. just another L.B. self to maybe get you out of the real thing

bom dia!