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Sunday, October 26, 2008

10.26.08 - 56/365

in the studio
back row: canon s70
middle row: work journal, daily bread
front row: life(s) lesson(s), left handed, starting w/(a) line


from my garden: 3 tomatoes and a fig


SeLFs said...

oNe WorD="Prolific"
&/or maYbe 2 +"FruitFuL"...
RoW 1,2,3
YoU haVe a WaY aBouT U
thaT i aDmiRe
i thinK iT iS "ArTiStiC"
i'M PreTTy suRe i aM jusT AutistiC..
(tho neVeR CLiNiCaLLy diagnoSeD)
i'M SatisfieD wiTh iT

g_z said...

u girls are pretty good fruits
just as well

as is said
we only harvest
what we plant
(most time i am afraid
my crop will be spoiled_
yes, just a nutcase on
lack of selfconfidence)


Anonymous said...

ThaT MAC looKs preTTy PREcarioUS