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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

10.14.08 - 44/365

smudge marks
i didn't notice until i was taking this picture
what smudge had done
she got a little territorial in the studio yesterday
i guess because i had a visitor
(and just when i thought she was becoming a bit more civilized)

so i revisited this again tonite
it's bringing me back

seems familiar

and i am not sure that i want that


SeLFs said...

DaMn CaT--
JusT KiddinG
i uNdeRstanD theSe thinGs
(((YoU MUST oF aXeD foR iT..)) hahahaah
aS foR BiG ReD==
WaY BeYoNd mY CoMpreHenSioN
At thiS Era oF mY LiFe
BuT aS aLwaYs I LoVe BeinG wiTneSS tO tHe ProceSS
aS YoU ShaRe iT

g_z said...

not to be sure
(will we be ever sure?)
but your heart says so, so...

it is to me all part of a bigger complex beyond our cognitive grasp

it is nice to hear that some things i say may help you
becaus, darling one, i can hardly help myself.
ithink i here feel free to exercise such thoughts as if to mean stuff to me as well

not that i practice
or am sure of anything
i actually don´t even want to be


nasty smudgy
jealos of jorie
so are these babies
pure instinct
(or not)