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Friday, October 24, 2008

10.24.08 - 54/365

after 10 hours of moving boxes and paintings
from storage
into the house & studio
i am exhausted
(that's why i am lying down)

lying down takes away
the lines and bags
and other signs of wear & tear
(that's why i am lying down)

but there is a bright side

the paintings are all in
with room for more to come

for the complete picture of what i am dealing with
you can visit welcome to my own private hell


Bruce Grant said...

dear friend...
standing up, lying down, or flying through the air (as all super women can) the one thing that will never desert you is your beauty...because it's way more than skin deep.

g_z said...

dear dear
real bright
from now on have it all finding it's places, definitely a huge achievement!
so good you have prepared yourself with archiving it all

bom dia