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Sunday, August 30, 2009

8.30.09 - 364/365

in the studio

something came together today,
not only was i able to come to some decisions about how to proceed
but i also had a real feeling sense that i am doing the right thing
for my process
and i really felt that the paint was waiting for me
not neglected or stagnate
but just there with me
bubbling below the surface

in the 'hood

a little fantasy


OBdaDA said...

i LOVE the "FantasY"
& thE 2 PiCs/watercolorS..
Re: selFs¬¬
i wiLL bE pLeaSeD wheN miNes iT hiTs 365!!
iT wiLL ProVe to MyseLf thaT i caN Be coNsiSteNt
i'M glaD yoU 'challengeD' mE tO dO iT..
iT reaLLy iS a tesTaMenT tO hoW TiMe FLys..2
iT seeMs LiKe 1/2 waY waS jusT YesTerdaY..
÷SoMe daYs /probabLy oVer haLf \ iT waS aLL i diD besideS eaT aNd sLeeP(+ bruSh mY TeeTh)
i'LL probabLy keeP oN thE saMe aNd theN jusT quiT iF soMethinG/aNythinG taKeS iT/s PLaCe..
GOD oNLy KNoWs whaT ToMoRRoW wiLL briNG..

f_l said...

very much a beauty