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Saturday, August 29, 2009

8.29.09 - 363/365

in the studiotoday it took me 2 hours to remember that i had switched my hosting account to a linux server
since that's the only way godaddy will parse ssi's
and that because linux is case sensitive
was the reason why certain pages weren't resolving


not so interesting i know
but this is where i am at;
a bit sad but true
from this perspective
this is what i see
which is also a tad sad
because while i am a beneficiary of the industriousness of spiders
too much of a cobweb build up in the studio
tells a story of neglect

in the studio


SeLFs said...

no matter whaT i do wiTh thE coMpuTer
(liKe eVeN seT uP a bankinG access accounT)
i haVe tO dO iT thrEE oR 4 tiMes
aNd theN i caN'T remembeR aLL thE PassworDs/IDs NaMeS=UseR NaMeS/SecreT aNsweRs to questioNs i neVer thinK abouT aNd caN'T reaLLy remembeR froM whaT PersonaLiTy i waS referencinG =whaTeVeR..
[[aNd i knoW thaT's no wheRe eveN PrograMMinG htmL or JaVa etC..]]
!!! i LoVe my PS aNd MAC !!!
i LoVe thE PiC/knoW thE FeeLinG
thaT's aLL
iT's thE eNd thaT's BeautifuL noT NecessaRiLy thE MeaNs
& U kNo whaT i ______
PeaCe theN

g_z said...

tells a story a life