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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

8.19.09 - 353/365

in the studiogeek day today
no oil, just working on revamping my website
trying to figure out how to make this new thing (if you're interested) go forward

this stage of the WIP project is from monday,
usually by now in the process, i proceed intuitively from one day to the next;
the painting tells me what to do
but at this moment,
every day that i want to work
requires a journey to the place where i can hear that voice
just being in the studio doesn't do it
there is a whole internal realignment that has to happen
and that part isn't fluid yet;
each day it is still a struggle,
and that's just where i am at

in the studio

1 comment:

f_l said...

a struggle all the way worth the movement

(yes i wanna be your guinea pig)