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Monday, April 6, 2009

4.6.09 - 218/365

in the studioso not feeling "it"today


g_z said...

I can feel it

SeLFs said...

ThanKs foR thE NoTe!
JusT aLwaYs remembeR thaT yoU aRe LoVeD froM MaNy diFFeReNT diRectioNs
(pictuRe 'suRRouNdeD bY LOVE)
aNd wheN iT geTs reaLLy 'baD?'
``````````whaTeVeR thaT ^meaNs¿¿¿¿
---i reaLLy don'T knoW whaT i aM TaLkinG
i knoW yoU aRe reFeRRinG
i suPPoSe/thinK thaT yoU aRe ReferriNg tO
ThE CreaTiVe/CreaTiViTy ThiNg..
aNd actuaLLy i aM stucK iN a MucH LeSSer
LeVeL oF eXisTenCe wheRe thaT iS coNcerNeD
ThiS/thaT iS whY i CoMe heRe firSt thinG eaCh DaY
to oPeN mY eYeS tO yoUR WorLd..aNd bE inspireD
aNd i aM sO thaNKfuL thaT yoU aRe heRe/theRe...
aNd thaT yoU ShaRe sO GraCiousLy
aNd i jusT waNT yoU tO knoW thaT iF yoU dO eVeR (geT ouT aNd aRounD S.D.)
i wisH yoU wouLd sToP bY
ThaT's aLL,,,,
PeaCe ouT.....