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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4.15.09 - 227/365

in the studiothe sun returned
and i am ready for the journey...
i spent a lot of time looking today
and just a little time painting
and i have to be all right with that
i have to honor this gift of insight
and for me that means to trust,

if that little voice
gave me an answer
i must listen
understand that it might disappear

and what i heard was
"get comfortable with the discomfort
get comfortable with the not knowing
get comfortable with not being there
because that is the nature of the journey"

of course i feel like that whiny little kid in the back seat
asking over and over
"are we there yet?"


g_z said...

that's my gata


SeLFs said...

_NatuRe oF thE JourNeY___
TrueR woRds wErE NeVeR SpoKeN