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Friday, April 24, 2009

4.24.09 - 236/365

in the studioproof positive that it's really just the way my face responds to the camera
i tried to make a "not unhappy" sp today...
out of about 10,
this is the ONLY one that doesn't look as if i am about to burst into tears...

and what a kind of wild day today was ...
i am still amazed by the power of social media;
last night,
i got an email from an acquaintance/friend
about 2 beagles that were rescued & needed a home
i decided to post them on flickr
by the time i got up this morning,
someone had read the post and was moved to post it on digg;
and my flickrmail & gmail were on fire.
let me first say, that i am thrilled that a tiny little effort on my part has gone such a long way to helping others, especially 4 legged others;
it seems as if the dogs have a new home
i'll keep updating the flickr page as i get more news.

but meta-me has to say
that if i didn't "get" "viral" before,
i sure do now:
in 24 hours that one photo got 18,000 hits
13,000 of which came from digg!

and interestingly
only 50 of those 18,000 explored further than that one page
says something about how people use the internet...

also today i received some books i had ordered -
i realized that i haven't been reading
and that has always an important part of my process:

party of one: the loners' manifesto: brings an attitude of "rightness" to needing to be alone
flow: almost a classic at this point, but never got around to it, i think it might wake something up in me
getting through the day: awful title, but deals with how having grown up in an abusive situation can extend into adulthood and how one can heal those issues. my therapist recommended it, it's not something i'll be bringing away with me on the upcoming family trip

an uneventful day in the studio,
but peaceful,
which is a major improvement
watercolors are getting ugly again
(btw that's not harsh, it's process)
but i really do
like this one

(no, not with my left hand)

(wow this post is all over the place)


g_z said...

bom dia gata* linda

one out of ten is a good average
keep on being yourself

i am here trying to catch back with reading as well
i lack concentration but i keep on re-exercising it with a book from my teenage hood, a one which was very important to my formation and it is going well.
i got so many interesting ones which i'd really appreciate reading in this life time...


g_z said...

is it

books are so cheap in the US
here any little paperback thing costs a fortune