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Monday, April 13, 2009

4.13.09 - 225/365

in the studioon the days that i only work with watercolors
when i don't work in oil
things are a little easier
but those days
don't feel like part of my life
i did find a great organizational tool
a very elegant "to do" list
it's web based & ties into gmail
and called todoist
things like this actually do make me happy
seeing the inside of my head
visually displayed on the screen
makes sense
it's what i am trying to do with paint
except that i am hoping to capture the inside of my heart & soul
and therein lies the problem
i can't express what i can't experience


g_z said...

to do or not to do
that is the issue


SeLFs said...

We aLL NeeD =
CoNNecTioN tO whaTeVeR iS GooD
ReLeaSe froM whaT briNgs uS dOWn.
i'M PraYinG foR YoUuuuuuuuu
(aNd MYseLf) aS weLL

Luisa said...

Be as hard (on yourself) as you feel you need to. XOXO