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Saturday, April 25, 2009

4.25.09 - 237/365

in the studioa very physical day
a lot of planting
a beautiful day to be outside
i was content being there

and later
after a shower
while doing my watercolors
i thought:
if i make art in a spontaneous way,
from a non-thinking place,
it stands to follow that
if i am disconnected
there is no point
since the process relies on being connected
it ceases to be possible with out it
this seems obvious
and it seems as if it is what i have been saying all along
saying yes,
but perhaps not feeling...

and i need time
time to relax into things
time to read
time to do nothing
just thinking about
not having the time to do nothing
for 10 minutes,
is not the same
as doing nothing for an hour;
the time you spend thinking about it,
really is 10 minutes of doing nothing
while the 1 hour you spend doing nothing
is an hour spent sinking deeper into the self

i wasn't going to do a todoist for today
because i thought
it wasn't a studio day
but of course it was


g_z said...

bom dia*

i hate sundays

but they are my fave guiltless do nothing at all days

SeLFs said...

^^YoU aRe GorgeouS,,,,
aLaS _
[[[[[[[_SoMetiMeS youR WordS
Go righT oVeR mY HeaD
(iN oNe eaR/ouT tHe oTheR-'theY' saY)
buT VisuaLLy yoU StimuLaTe mE tO KeeP oN
KeePin' oN iN thiS LiFe--
BecauSe through yoUR CaMerA/{+ painT arTs 2}
i sEE a'NeW'