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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

12.1.08 - 92/365

in the bathroom
feeling a bit better after a shower

it's december and i'm taking it a bit more free form this month

holidays can be somewhat stressful for me
(for everyone)
and so i am taking a little vacation from so strictly structuring this project
(september incorporated using self portraits i had drawn,
november entailed posting a combination of photobooth self portraits
and on flickr, a painting i had made each day)

december was going to have no guidelines at all,
but i heard the studio reminding me
that a large impetus for this project
was to jump start my process there,
i will continue, on flickr
to post something studio related everyday

today's post, is from the 12 images i took today to create a calendar
using 12 of the random thoughts paintings that i actually have completed since leaving the loft

hopefully this will all help keep me from feeling so upside down:

upside down


f_l said...

dear friend
you do look fresh!

oh yes
looking forward
keep on
being in the studio
with you*

banco(random word verification)
silly me

OBdaDA said...

eT aL-(oF YoURs aNyWaY)