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Friday, December 5, 2008

12.5.08 - 96/365

murakami & methe impetus for this picture came out of the virtual discussion below that occurred on another 365day flickr
since i have more to say on the matter
and since i don't want to rant in someone else's space
i decided to address it here
and (no pun intended)
dress for it here
(see below)

original exchange:
Rant # whatever: What is the deal with all of these creepy guys on Flickr? I go to so many girls' Flickrs and see some of the grossest, most obscene comments ever. You wouldn't talk to these ladies like this in real life so why on Earth do it here? It's repulsive, it's disgusting, these guys need to be taken out behind the shed and put out of their misery. BUT you girls certainly don't help by encouraging these losers. If you stop posting half-naked pictures of yourselves then these types of people would go away. It's that easy. Now I know you feel empowered by showing off your photoshop-enhanced body on Flickr but is it really worth it? There's a fine line between artful nudes and pornography and most of you are straddling it. Pun intended. Thank you and good night.

f*** art
this project is about a very public form of self reflection
that we all
(for one reason or another)
have chosen to partake in
no one is demanding the "art" label for any other genre of sp
so why for the ones involving nudity???

as far as the comments go
rude comments are rude comments, saying they are deserved on a crappy nude photo but not on a crappy clothed photo is like telling the rape victim "well, you must have been asking for it"
if the protestations by these photographers about rude comments on their photostream bother you so much, then just stop clicking on those images, after all, i am sure you can tell a t&a shot from its thumbnail

basically i believe that however someone approaches this project is valid and courageous

what in the hell are you even talking about? i think you took my rant and twisted and turned it into something completely different. comparing anything on here to rape is ignorant.

and i'm not done. you show me a picture of a girl wearing a sweater, ear muffs, a parka, and a scarf on and see how many perverted comments she gets. take the clothes away and see how it changes. i think that rude comments suck no matter what the context is HOWEVERRRR i believe that there are moments, people, uploads that are seemingly "asking for it" flickr is a car wreck. i couldn't look away even if i wanted to. not that i look at car wrecks. i'm sure you'd like to twist that phrase around to make it sound like i like car wrecks. i'm not gonna fall for it again, sister!

how i really feel
the rape thing: rape in the physical world is abuse of a sexual nature, in the virtual world, gross obscene comments are abuse of a sexual nature, so while not 100% analogous, it's a reasonable metaphor to make.
anyway it's EXACTLY that "asking for it" attitude that i am objecting to and which i am surprised to encounter in this context, i find it to be a very misogynistic way of thinking. and i will say that i was really amazed at the number of women that came out in support of this viewpoint, back in the day that never would have happened.

flickr is a car wreck: not exactly sure about this metaphor, flickr is not something you happen upon, it is something you willingly look at, for what ever reason. some people click on cuddly cats, some on a beautiful balance of light and design, others on t&a, it's pretty simple and pretty easy not to look at things that don't interest you and very easy not to read other people's comments. i am not quite sure what the problem is here that a little self control wouldn't remedy.

about the suggested attire
I am wearing earmuffs but the only ones i have are 180s which make them hard to see hidden in my gorgeous locks, rest assured, they are a color coordinated green .
ok, not my locks - it's a wig; the only thing i am wearing that wasn't requested, but i was having a bad hair day and what with trying to be tasteful and all, it was just too much to get my hair looking even somewhat attractive.
i did substitute a vest for a parka since the color was better and i wanted to give my sweater a little more light
(if you know me at all, you know color always rulz)
oh, and the pillow... that's so there's no mistaking that this is Art
now, attire aside (surprisingly no suggestions for the bottom half) had i chosen to spread my legs, i am sure rude comments would abound so i hardly think clothing or lack there of is germaine.
the point is, if one express's themself by posing suggestively but lacks the where-with-all for meeting some yet to be defined standard of "artful" should they be disrespected for protesting the lewd comments they attract?

art & good taste: as my very wise brother in-law; the multi-talented flawless sabrina says: "good taste is what tastes good"
hey, i'm an artist, i have struggled with the "what is/what isn't" art question for years but my views are simply my views and i guess, given that what i post can be deeply personal, i feel it is important to respect what other people post.
i think everyone here is trying to show the world what is important to them through the visual and it's ALL valid, the stupid kittens (i make people suffer through mine), the pretty sunsets, the conceptual explorations and yes, the crude and the lewd. honestly, i have learned from all of it.

and i think this standard of "tasteful nudity" is a bit of a farce,
cleavage: yes | nipples: no
covered bush: yes | spread legs: no
curve of the ass: yes | hairy balls: no
give me a break, it's just a matter of personal limitations, but there are many, many people posting very seductive images in varying degrees of undress and who's to say what's "artistic" and what's not,
i mean really, seen any terry richardson lately?
as the old joke goes: "madame, we've already established what you are, now we are just haggling about the price"

curious about this person, i went to their profile, which led to their myspace:
"wishes someone would go ahead and knock Miley Cyrus up so we can get her out of the way and move onto the next 13 year old whorish child actress."
i rest my case

almost forgot, let's see what happens when you take the clothes away

murakami & meha ha made you look
as anyone who has followed my work closely over the years knows
i have no problem with displaying any body part
i did take those pictures
and they are actually rather sweet
but proving this particular point
isn't a compelling enough reason for me to post one


Bruce Grant said...

(broadly...if you'll excuse the pun)

ranabass said...

LOL!!! 8D

OBdaDA said...

So Many WorDs!!
mY ADHD-tmL kicKeD iN.
aNd i KepT LosiNg mY PlaCe..
aNd TraiN oF thoughTsssss.==i agRee wiTh yoUr aNaLySeS
"HOWEVERRRR" hahahaiiaeihaeooaieih
ReaLLy+TruLy ThaNkS foR tHe CaRdS!!!!
Soooooo LoVerLy...
TheY aNd YOuU aRe ...

f_l said...

you are rather sweet
no matter what
no matter how
un-dressed up to kill
a real artist
and that has nothing
to do with taste
and best partner in crime
engaged, i am fond of

love you gata*