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Saturday, December 13, 2008

12.13.08 - 104/365

dress upthe best thing about about having everything in storage for 2+ years
is that it's all new again
and i don't have to go shopping for dress up clothes
but going through all this stuff makes me realize how much my life has changed
how i've let go of a lot of this,
for example,
i am 3 months into this project
and yesterday/today is the first time i've worn make up...
this wouldn't have happened 10 years ago,
maybe not even 5.

today's parties

holiday partiesleft: volunteering at the 77th precinct council christmas party for kids in need in our community: the adults play musical chairs
right: lizzie's holiday party: the kids are taking over


SeLFs said...

ParTy oN!
pARTy HaRD y
YoU LooK LoVeLy.
CoLoRs subTLe + PerFecT..
MeRRrrrry CHRiSTTmaSs
joY & PeaCe aBounDiNg

g_z said...

Hi gorgeous
Be back to u tomorrow