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Friday, June 19, 2009

6.19.09 - 292/365

in the studioi have
for a long time,
wanted to get the spontaneity of my watercolor work
into the oil paintings
over the years i have developed many projects
to address this
early on with the wip project
and most recently with random thoughts

this new work,
this painting over
making marks
and painting over
seems to be a continuation of this search
all of a sudden
seen in this context
this process starts to feel grounded,
connected to previous explorations


OBdaDA said...

The firsT tiMe i looKeD aT thiS selF PiC posT (aboVe)
i saW thE PainT oN yoUR cLotheS..
TheN i browseD throuGh thE W I P clickback
aNd theN sOMe R A N D O M T H O U G H T S
liNks - a doZeN oR sO-
THEN i caMe bacK heRe
aNd saW whaT aPPeaRs tO bE sKiN..
(whaT a 'TriPppp')
~haVe a GrrrreaT DaY!

g_z said...

tremendous news!