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Saturday, June 13, 2009

6.13.09 - 286/365

in the studionina the destroyer

it was an old project, a group of 16 12x12" encaustics
that really never worked
from a time when things weren't working
they were supposed to be a "song"
but it never "sang", the work just wasn't that good
it was only the saudedes of it all
that made me hold on to them
always thinking
that at the very least
they could be a base for something else

but no longer;
it was suggested to me
by my dear friend and accomplished artist: lisa
that one answer to finding my way back
might be to start at the beginning
with a clean slate

so i am going to try this,
try to put away the past,
put away all the things i brought out
to try to make my space familiar
to try to feel "at home"

and i am going to put away
the unfinished work
the unfinished projects
that i was hoping would jump start me into working again
it's a bit of a challenge
because some things that i am working on
truly are new
and need to stay

and it's a bit daunting
the thought of packing up
and putting away
all the stuff it took so long
to unpack
and have back in my life
but i know
that if you want things to changes
you have to change how you do things....


g_z said...

hope that putting away is not throwing out


SeLFs said...

i aLso haVe '''aCuTe NostaLgia''' foR
i reaLLy thinK iT's aLL' JUNK'
BuT i LoVe iT..
oooH thE MEMoRieS--
+The PoTenTiaL oF/foR FuTuRe DreaMs.
aNd aLL wiLL bE forsaKeN iF i doN'T hoLd oN
(2 'iT'/theM)......
did I saY 'aCuTe'?
weLL iT's reaLLy sorT oF uGLy--
buT i'M noT aT thE 'PacK RaT' coNdiTioN/staGe aT aLL,,
iT's jusT thE PasT thinGs thaT i sTiLL waNT
tO UtiLiZe iN/foR soMetinG CreaTiVe aNd ShaRe worthY.
BuT aLaS wiTh mY EnerGy LeVeL mY TiMe seeMs
HoPeLeSSLy shoRt becauSe i caN'T dO iT aLL oR eVeN whaT NeeDs tO bE doNe oN a DaiLy BaSiS --LiKe thE MunDaNe==VacUUminG/washinG wiPinG.-taKeS uP sO MucH
~ iF i haD MoRe $$$ i couLd hiRe PeoPs tO dO thE NeceSSiTieS aNd i couLd conCentraTe oN thE TriViaLiTieS oF SoMethinG...SoMethinG... sOMeThiNgs.;;;;;;;;;;;;;
aLL thiS to SaY==WeLL, thanK yoU foR yoUR inSighT toDaY[AND]aLwaYs/EveryDaY becauSe
2 mE i iMaGinE or WaNT tO aNywaY thaT
iT sounDs a LittLe siMilaR to miNeS SituMuaTioN``

i feeL liKe wE aRe "SouL MaTeS"
{{{whatever the heck THAT iS}}}