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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6.17.09 - 290/365

in the studiofinally
even though everything is most definitely not put away
it is off the studio floor
and i can actually experience
the full width of the room
it's a vast improvement
the space feels so much better;
i no longer feel as if i am painting in a corridor
we'll see what happens next...

the starting point of this video
is from a little "office" area that i have for my work station/scanner/printers/books/etc.
then one goes down 2 steps to the main part of the studio,
there's a slop sink to the left and to the right, beyond that railing
are steps to the basement where i have studio storage.

directly in front of the steps to the main part of the studio
is where i now do my daily watercolor project;
i used to have this set up towards the back
on the left wall
but that made the main studio space
way too narrow
putting it here is the only way i could get the full width of the studio to paint in.

ahead is oski on the floor
and my garden out the back
the very white paintings along the south wall
are no longer so white
but you never know
tomorrow they might be white again.


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SeLFs said...

VeRy ImPreSSiVe
a LiTTLe biT oF HeaVeN oN EarTh

g_z said...

i could live there!

such a deluxe studio this is

Anonymous said...

What a nice place :)