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Saturday, November 22, 2008

11.22.08 - 83/365

painting in the studio
every once in a while i take a picture of myself
and the person i see in it
is my mother

painting in the studio


Bruce Grant said...


SeLFs said...

i hoPe thaT iS a BLeSSinG 2 U
*i trusT iT iS..
**becausE iF wE aren'T LiKe ouR ParentS.
WouldN'T iT meaN wE aRe/weRe aDopteD???
% i'M noT aT aLL LiKe eitheR oF MiNe..
;MaternaL GrandfatheR--MaybE.(=baLd)
buT hE waS aLmosT a LegaL Midget aNd i greW tO 6'4"
SoMe geneTiC FluKes goinG oN HeRe, i gueSS..

i thinK yoU aRe BleSSeD
BeyoNd MeasuRe
aS theY SaY

f_l said...
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f_l said...

one day we wake up
and just like surprised
realize that, more than we'd ever had wanted
are just like them

(the more i made effort to
grow out of it and made things
as oposedly different)