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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

11.19.08 - 80/365

in the studioas boring as it might be
in the last few days
i have finally settled into what i had originally thought
i would be doing this month,
for lack of a better word
is taking mug shots
what i guess i really mean
is following a more conceptual approach:
photo booth, white wall in studio, shoot
instead of an emotive or interpretive one
(now that i've said that
i'll probably stand on my head tomorrow)

to get that white wall back required a little shifting around:
I needed to switch the orientation of where i paint
back to where it was before i brought everything out from storage
so instead of looking at this:

i see this:

not that big a difference you might think
except that this:

is to my left
instead of being behind my back

big change on the inside
but you'd never know it from comparing the image above
(after the shift)
to the one below


SeLFs said...

WhaT a WoNDeRfuL
WorLD iN whiCH tO iMMerse yoURseLf.

i LoVe iT aLL.
*aRt caN'T cOMe froM NoThinG..
aLL thaT sTuFF iS youR SouL
---JusT CREATE=maKe ART---thaT's aLL
tHaT MaTTeRs...

f_l said...

big change on the inside

you said it!