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Monday, November 17, 2008

11.17.08 - 78/365

in the studioi had to start to today again at 7 pm
it wasn't going so well . . .
so i stopped painting
took a hot shower
(used a lot of product )
and put on something comfy
yet a bit glamorous
(that belonged to my mom a really long time ago)
then picked up where i left off

this was part of why i was upset

no matter how strong my intentions
to do my watercolors and self portrait
during the light of day
it always ends up being dark
by the time i sit down to work
i hate this
not being able to put what is important to me first
and it makes me angry with myself

but i do like the reflection of my screen behind me


f_l said...

sounds like a treat to me
despite the state of mind
it is good to counter react
these moods


SeLFs said...

MoNa LiSa