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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5.27.09 - 269/365

in the studiowhen i first looked at the sp's from today
i thought:
"i am getting so fed up with this same stressed face every day"
and then i thought
"that might just be what it takes to turn this tide around"
and then i thought
about a question someone asked me not too long ago:
about whether i thought that all this daily dwelling
on these forlorn images
and morose writings
was keeping me in the abyss...

i don't think so
i see it more as a capricorn thing
as in:
no way out but through
i have gotten to the point
where i am so bored with the status quo
that i am just going to have to find a way to change it all up,
it's just not going anywhere
at all


OBdaDA said...

eXpecTaNcy heRe GreaT
tO sEE hOW yoU'll
"chanGe iT aLL uP"
WheRe yoU taKe uS.
No StreSS
nO woRRieS
i'D bE haPPy wiTh sEEinG aNoTheR 100
""saMe streSSed faCe eVery daY"

f_l said...

i hate hear say
that its just when we're about to give up
that shifting things should happen