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Saturday, May 23, 2009

5.23.09 - 265/365

in the mirrorwe are in ojai
celebrating my brother's 50th
we just had a lovely dinner
honoring him
the things people said were so beautiful, funny & true
i cried many times
including during my toast
my brother has an amazing capacity for friendship
and a great love of children;
the energy was incredible

i looked in the mirror
when i was in the bathroom
and didn't recognize myself at all
it was the strangest feeling
as if someone else were looking back at me
it kind of seemed like i was in a cheesy movie
except that it was very, very real

not quite sure what to make of it...


SeLFs said...

'VerY,veRy reaL' caN bE
jusT liKe thaT....
SounDs liKe a 'real'
==sorTa kinda LiKe ˌdā zh ä ˈvoō|
ThaT happeNs a LoT tO mE
whiLsT i aM sLeePiNg.
i gueSS theY caLL iT DreaMinG
-wheN iT haPPenS aT NighT iN Semi-consciouSneSS
oF courSe iT couLd bE
SeNile DemNtia
i haVe a touCh oF thaT tOO..
JusT gOiNg wiTh tHe FLoWiNg

g_z said...

you look very relaxed

it is great to belong to a functional family