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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

3.3.09 - 184/365

in the studio

it's not a studio day today

by this i mean connected to the process
i mean feeling a sense of purpose
i mean going forward with intent and vision
not just slapping paint on the canvas

it's the difference between swimming & drowning
the difference between lost & found
the difference between hope & despair

(click image to see larger, for some reason it looks better)


g_z said...

there's gotta be something between swimming and drowning which is not drifting for sure...
take it easier

anyways, i can relate to this so
and i feel you are in process
whether in the studio or not


OBdaDA said...

VeRrrrY weLLLLLLL { ={{rE: Connectivity}}}
~`(sOMetiMZ i caN'T/doN'T saY WHaT i waN'T tO,,,)
**YoU, aRe VeRy ArtiCuLaTe..

\The Click diD brinG ouT a 3-D ishNeSS/
[theRe'S MaGiC iN thEm piGMeNTs frOM tHe GeT Go]