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Sunday, July 26, 2009

7.26.09 - 329/365

in the studio

lost again
can't find what i care about
painting is a lot about caring
this makes painting hard

1 comment:

SeLFs said...

i waS LosT 2
===iT IS a DaiLy struggLe StiLL
(i thinK maYbe eVeryoNe iS reaLLy LosT iF theY {eVeN} reaLLy _thinK_ aBouT "iT")
arTiSts feeL iT MoRe becauSe CreaTiViTy caNNoT taKe PLaCe iN a VacuuM ===WheRe aS 'ordinarY' everyDaY coMMeRce tyPe 'worK' caN^^^
TheSe days wheN i feeL LosT i jusT gO tO sLeeP..
aNd wheN i waKe uP--ThiNgs LooK BeTTeR....