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Sunday, July 19, 2009

7.19.09 - 322/365

in the studiowhen i feel i don't have limits on my time
my time feels more expansive
seems obvious
but what maybe is not so apparent
is that when i don't feel the limits
i don't have to fight so hard to protect what i see as vulnerable
and i don't have to worry that i won't have enough time
this allows me more freedom
freedom to even relax

when i am on my own
without ANY obligations
i can drift from one thing to another
and then back again
without worrying that i will be stopped mid stream
with something left undone

and i can put the bothersome things
in the back of my mind
let them slip through the cracks if they like
(something always does
i can't do that
if there is an outside presence
a constant reminder
exist in the world
because then
i feel the need
to work every single second
least i squander some precious time
and that just isn't realistic


SeLFs said...

[ i thinKs thaT i See/uNdersTaNdS
aNd eVeN reLaTe\+oR/caN identiFy ]
tO/wiTh aLL thEsE thoughTs..=aboVe^
thaNkS foR thE eXpLanaTioN
oN PrevioUS,,,
i caN sEE iT NoW
(esP through PiC quaLiTy))
iT's jusT thaT yoUR seT uP iS FaR aBoVe/moRe poLisheD thaN mY
iMaGiNaTioN pAraMetErS/CreaTiViTy LeVeL
~~~eVerythinG yoU dO haS sucH DepTh 2 iT
aNd stiMuLaTeS mY thoughT ProceSSeeS

Anonymous said...

i'M loViNg ThE PaiNTinG 2