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Saturday, January 3, 2009

1.3.09 - 125/365

in the studioand
i took my first yoga class in ages

i didn't see it at first
but this kind of says it all


g_z said...

so happy for you*

that you
got a life!

SeLFs said...

TheRe'S thE SmudGiNSsss
HeaVeN oN EaRth
Two CaTs aNd WarmTh aLL aRounD
aNd youR aLL yoUR StuFFffffff
PLaYyyyy aWaYyyyy, mYyyyy FrienDdddd..
YoU aRe Sooooo BLeSSeDDDDD
aS i aM tO KNoW yoU

Bruce Grant said...

o teu coração...